An availability calendar for your holiday home

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Pete, FrogBlogger

Spent an hour on this a few days ago, but gave up in the end - the one month view isn't ideal. And entering booked days could only be done in a single colour (as far as I could work out) so for separate accommodations it looked a bit confusing...

But as usual I failed to read the instructions as you obviously have done, so maybe there's a trick to it!

Craig McGinty

Hi Pete, it is possible to display multiple calendars on the one master calendar.

On the page that lets you customise the colour, size and tweak other options, towards the bottom you can add individual calendars.

This would let you assign different colours to each, yet have them all neatly laid out.

All the best, Craig

Richard Stewart

Hi Guys, I was looking into this a couple of months back for a client of ours on, and came up with a potential solution from, who offer a free calendar by virtue of a short piece of html code to include in your site. The code displays either a button or text link to your availcheck account. There are restrictions on the number of clicks on the free version, but there are fairly cheap paid versions that would work for those with a Gite or B&B. Hope this helps.

Graeme Swan

Have used this calendar effectively with 3 calendars one for each unit for display to 3rd party sales agents for our gites (don't like availability calenders on my site - or any other site for that matter) and also for a quick visual check for me - it works well.

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