The danger of ticks and Lyme disease

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Paul & Anne Pledger

Your information states no rotation to remove a tick. Why is it that the commercial bought tick removers say to hook under the tick and rotate until it comes off?

Craig McGinty

Hi Paul and Anne, the sites I link to highlight the use of tweezers as opposed to the hook type tool you get from pet stores.

But I think the most important thing is not to squeeze the body of the tick and to make sure any 'bits' are not left attached.
All the best, Craig

Chris Comley

Everything else I've seen says better to get prper "remover" tongs, which *do* rotate as they pull, than to try to use tweezers.

Also a good idea to emphasies

- do NOT grab, pull, prod, or especially squeeze them - this can cause them to "squirt" what they've sucked up back into your bloodstream, along with added extras you do not want.
- similarly do NOT try to "burn" them off with a cigarettte or similar - it's a popular tale but it also can have the effect of causing them to "squirt".
- likewise, "suffocating" them with vaseline or similar does work but can also have this side effect.

Actually better to leave it alone until you can visit a pharmacist or doctor than to "tinker" if you're not sure what you're doing.

As ever, prevention is a better route...

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