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I understand that in the UK 'They' are saying that the numberplate must not contain a mini flag on the side opposite from the end with the EU logo and GB. It's good to know that France is more 'liberated'!


I wonder whether one can choose the number 99, which is the non-existing department used for anyone born outside France.

Craig McGinty

Hi there, not sure if the number 99 will be able to be used ;-) And it was an issue of great importance to many with much campaigning being done to change the plans, democracy in action you might say!
All the best, Craig

Chris Comley

Either a "99" plate or a plate taht shows "GB" on the right hand side (presuming you want to admit to it!) might be an interesting option. There's a trend in the UK for cars to carry nationality badges (F, I, IRL, CH, etc) that hint at the nationality of the driver, despite the *car* being clearl UK registered.

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