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Valerie Wright

We live in le Gard, in the South of France. In May 2007 slipped in water on the tiled floor and fell heavily on my backside and had severe pain in my lower back for several weeks. My "GP" sent me for an xray which showed I had damaged my spine and it looked like I had osteoporosis. He then sent me to a Rhumatalogue who prescribed a densimetrie-bone density scan and a scintigraphie-scan of my skeleton. All of which confirmed I had osteoporosis and because of this two vertebra had crumbled. The result was that I was prescribed an anti-osteoporosis drug and Calcium/Vitamin D3 tablets. I tried 4 different drugs, Actonel, Bonviva, Fosamax and Protelos, but they all caused side effects - possibly because I still had the chemotherapy drugs in my system - so now I do not take anything EXCEPT the Orocal-Calcium and Vit D tablet each day. I looked up on the internet what these drugs do - they just slow down the calcium being leached from the bones and one drug was claimed to re-generte the bones, but I forget which one. Both my Oncologue and "GP" have said I could stop the drugs but must take the Orocal each day.

Craig McGinty

Hi Valerie, thanks so much for taking the time to reply, really appreciated.
All the best, Craig

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