Tips on working from your desk in France

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Philip Voice

Some really good advice and I would like to add a couple of personal experiences too.

I set Landscape Juice up over two years ago and it is only now that I am getting increased income. Be prepared for a business to take a bit of time unless you have already spent time in the UK on groundwork and research.

I find isolation a tough one so I am in agreement that you need to get out and about - owning a dog is a great way of keeping in touch with surroundings.

Craig McGinty

Hi Phil, must agree that taking time to 'smell the flowers' is important when working from home all day.
All the best, Craig

Richard Stewart

We've set up in business as a husband/wife team, and that throws-up a whole lot of other issues!

An excellent point made though about getting out and about. We're lucky in a way that our work ( requires that we are out and about at local events and places, meeting people and understanding what is important to the local community.

Craig McGinty

Hi Richard, it definitely helps if you can use your out and about time for other things, but then I suppose you've got to know 'really' when to switch off.
All the best, Craig

Chris Comley

Ah - you're talking of being based in France. I can't do that - too far from the customers - but I do now extend my time in france considerably because I can do MUCH in france, short of actual client visits.

- We have ADSL at our house, we also find this attracts rental customers, by the way, though not as many as the pool!
- I can Remote Desktop into my office PC from my laptop - and from there I can do, of course, anything I could do from my office, including remote access to customer's servers, etc.
- And from this year the office has a proper modern VIOP PBX which means I can have an extension on my desk - and another in France. From which I can even act as receptionist if I need to, see what calls are arriving on the hotline and grab them; if I can cover the office when it's empty, even for a couple of hours, then there are few complains that I'm not "working" just coz I'm in the mountains eating cheese!

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