The auto entrepreneur system for small businesses

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Carole Archibald

Several sites state that charges are 13% for commercial and 23% for services. So there seems to be soem sort of discrepancy with this statement. Does anyone have the correct answer?

Craig McGinty

Hi Carole, my fault I'd swapped the two figures, the article has been updated.
All the best, Craig

john white

after working 4 years in a french enterpise in the building trade, i would like to start my own small enterprise. how do i go about this now that things are changing. what is the best line for me to do this.
thanks John

Craig McGinty

Hi John, the auto-entrepreneur system is still taking shape, but my suspicion is that it won't be available to people in the building trade. I'll keep up to date with any developments.
All the best, Craig


Hi, I still live in the UK and pay tax here so if I want to do a car boot do I have to register as an auto entrepreneur and who do i pay tax to - France or UK?

Craig McGinty

Hi Jennifer, you will pay taxes to the UK authorities as that is where your main residence is and so you won't need to be registered as an auto entrepreneur, but you'd still have to be registered within the UK.
All the best, Craig


HI. My husbadn wishes to register as an entrepreneur to supply and install fencing - which he did in the UK. This doesn't appear to be an artisan profession so does it come under commercial? Will he need to join any other organisations with this? Also, I'm a little unsure what is meant by the sectio about conjoint being collaborateurs or not. I work full time so would not be involved in the business. Many thanks.


Dear All,

Interesting discussion since I also plan to register myself as a Consultant.

I've recently set up a Linked In group for "Global Talents for FRANCE" (expats of all origins). And this is the kind of things we share and exchange about ... please feel free to register.

Here is the link:

Looking forward to seeing you there.

gordon eadie

Hi,i would like to live and work in france under my current trade as a plumber/heating engineer and would like to know if my qaulifications with gas safe and hetas would be recognised?

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