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Bill Chapman

I hope you will allow me to comment on your report. Learning languages is certainly a good thing, but a neglected question is: which language should I learn? French is fine, but is of little help to the frequent visitor to Germany, or to someone buying a property in Bulgaria. I hope you’ll allow me to make the case for learning Esperanto, the planned international language. It has its speaker population scattered over the globe. The Esperanto Association of Britain is offering a free postal course in the language. Details (and the first lesson) are available from Esperanto Association of Britain,
Esperanto House
Station Road
ST12 9DE
Tel: 0845 230 1887
e-mail: eab@esperanto-gb.org

Craig McGinty

Hi Bill, many thanks for your message and I'll let it just slide under the relevancy barrier. But as you can see from the name of the site, most readers are keen on living life in France, so the French language is likely to be most important to them.
All the best, Craig


Yep, the report's right....I've lost most of the English I learnt at school!:-)
Happy Birthday btw!

Craig McGinty

Hi Sarah,
>> Yep, the report's right....I've lost most of the English I learnt at school!

Like that :-) and thanks for the birthday wishes.
All the best, Craig

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