Getting to France... and staying there

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Caroline Mills

Sorry Frances, but you are wrong about wearing the same clothes all day. Here, also in the Lot, it is 4 degrees when I get up but can be 26 by early afternoon. Even in December you will need extra layers in the morning and evening, but oh what a pleasure to strip them off and enjoy the lunchtime sunshine.

Frances Penwill-Cook

Hi Caroline,
Good to meet a fellow Lot person! Your are right that the weather changes, but now I'm around the house all day changing, if necessary, is so lovely and simple! It means I'm always in the right clothes! That's like bliss after relentless commuting during London winters.

Caroline Mills

I agree totally. When people ask me why I came to live here, I reply "the Central Line". I spent the best part of 4 hours a day, sometimes more, commuting 13 miles in to London. Never again!

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