Life as a gay couple in France

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Well we are living as a gay couple in France and it has not been much different from our experience in the US. We live in Toulouse and one of us is French and one of us is American. Toulouse is a big city so it is not much of an issue. When we first arrived we stayed with a friend in the Dordogne and there is not shortage of gay ex-pats from all over the world. If the original poster could be more specific of what they would like to find and what they might expect to find and what type of a living situation they want, city, suburban, rural, I could give a lot more insight.

Craig McGinty

Hi Francetales, many thanks for leaving a message and your offer of helping with any questions.
All the best, Craig

Craig McGinty

A reader of the site contacted me directly to write:

"In a country where the language uses the word 'gaie' often and frequently, in the correct and original sense, as well as in more modern senses, I doubt that your couple from Britain will have many greater problems.

"In essence, the same things apply to gay couples or singles as apply to everyone else.

"Integration (or attempted) in an unobtrusive way into local life, speaking the language of Molière as well as possible, respecting traditions (as far as acceptable) saying "bonjour" in the street (unlike most streets in UK) are little things to get used to.

"Of course to be accepted and respected by other, implies an acceptance of the rights, preferences and way of life of others.
It is probable that your couple may have slight problems in finding others who have the same ideas in small villages.

"But my only concern for this couple is more the reception possibly held in store for them by other ex-pat's than the reception from the French!"

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