Bringing together Riviera women

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Dreadful site, nothing there of any interest let alone help. Content is trite at best with most "articles" taken from other sites. There are far better sites for women on the Riviera than this one. As can be seen from the lack of users that others agree. I am compiling a list of sites that are far better suited and will post them here when completed.

Craig McGinty

Hi Annabelle, I look forward to hearing from you as it seems you do have a bit of an issue with the site.
All the best, Craig

Rose J

At least the people with
are TRYING to do SOMETHING to bring people together, in a positive way... I MUST say, WHAT THE HELL have you done lately but put positive efforts down??!.. We need LESS people like you in this world and MORE like ANNA!

The Riviera Woman

Thank you Annabelle. It is only by 'constructive' criticism like this, that actually spurs me. It is a user site, so please use it. But you do need to be a 'registered' user. I know your email address now and can look out for it. In being registered, as a 'user' on the site, you can steer the website and 'make a difference'! It is all up to you.

The Riviera Woman

Graham, aka Tramontana

As the webmaster for The Riviera Woman I look forward to hearing about alternative sites that better "suit" women living on the Riviera so we can learn from them. I would also point out to Annabelle that in order to properly criticise any website one should have experience of it. Since we do not have any Annabelle registered on our user list, he or she is unaware of the full depth of interactivity available and is not well equipped to post hostile comments such as the above. Come on, join us and make a difference!

Fiona Scott-Wilson

As a struggling artist living and working here on the Italian Riviera I would like to add my support and thanks for the opportunity to showcase my work. It is not easy to succeed here without an element of networking with likeminded people with similar vision and expectations. I have my own website but I am more than happy to be apart of this enterprise. It enables me to interact with many more people which can only result in further opportunities for all concerned! I applaud Anna for her courage, determination against petty and mean spirited people ( Annabelle appears to be on her own with her views!!! ) to drive this site forward and bring creative people together. You GO FOR IT GIRL ! BIG RESPECT!!

Judy Mansfield

Well, I applaud this initiative, and I will be watching its development with interest - I'd love to think we could get the ball rolling on the Normandy coast too, as there are a lot of enterprising, dynamic women around (plus it is also just where I happen to live!). I'll be in touch!

laura mckay

I couldnt agree more. Annabelle you were not even registered as a site user so you cant really comment. AND big hats off to the people trying to get this site going. It is driven by its users and so its all down to us guys! Tell your friends, post your info and lets see it grow which is great for us all down here trying to live, meet others, work and play.


I have just registered recently on recommendation of a friend. I was wondering how to find out about advertising as the link doesnt seem to work. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Good to see women taking a positive step forth in generating constructive opportunities for business and sharing ideas/point of view.

Craig McGinty

Hi Gill, I have forwarded your message on to Anna and I am sure you will receive an email soon.
All the best, Craig

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