Taking your time to improve your French life

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Drew Kime

I guess we Yanks aren't the only ones who need to be told to slow down every once in a while. I'm working on many of the tips you've listed, and have plans to take up most of the rest.

I seem to change my mind almost weekly as to the best part: the price, the change of pace, or the quality. Bah, why choose. They're all great reasons to do it.


Tracey Smith

You know, I work with a lot of Americans and they get too much bad press in my view! There are many great individuals and organisations all striving for a better work and life balance and they constantly extol the virtues of simple, green living, so I'm quite definitely on your side!

You are right though, this is not just a UK or even European movement come to that, it's worldwide - there is a palpable kick-back to a consumer driven lifestyle - it's positive to see.

By the way, great site you have there too! LOL....those onion rings made my mouth water...

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