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Thanks for the Cornflake Cake recipe. I made these ad
hoc, without a recipe, to take to my three year old daughter's halte
garderie for her birthday. They were such a success everyone,
including the nursery nurses, the nursery directrice, and several
parents asked for a recipe...which of course I did not have. Now I do.


I should add I couldn't find any Golden Syrup in time so I used honey. Not as good in my humble opinion but others seemed satisfied.


Of course if you really want to cheat just melt some chocolate and add krispies or cornflakes, as we have done when we are rushed or short of other ingredients!


You can Coral, but the syrup/honey makes all the difference ! The girls at the garderie all wanted the recipe was because they wanted to know what the 'autre gout' was in the cakes. I have just found some maple syrup so will be trying that out next time.


Je suis désolé, mais je ne comprends pas bien le rapport de la photo avec l'article ?

En France on a des pequenots, mais j'ai l'impression que vous en avez aussi quelques uns au Texas.

Sinon, Paris, vous connaissez ?

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