Harmonie in Chinon

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Dan Davis

Would that you might have devoted less space to wine culture, and more to other sites to visit..like Villandry, both the gardens and the spanish paintings in the chateau, markets to enjoy (like Richelieu); walled towns like Loches. So maybe you will do a follow-up, with more suggestions? Next year I intend to fly to London, take the hovercraft to Calais or Dunquerque, visit the seaside towns, espcially Boulogne, Calaias, Dunquerque, then the cathedrals of Rouen and Chartes, and the Musee Beaux Artes of Rouen, then south to Chinon area, over to Loches area, so that my wife can enjoy vistas I have enjoyed, including a visit to the churches that have the gregorian chants and the Charlemagne era church with paintings and finally south to Millau, the gorges and fabulous new bridge, Pont du Gard, Nimes, Arles, Aigues Mortes and the Camargue... (please excuse spelling errors.)

Beryl Brennan

I don't quite see what your comments have to do with the article on a British couple producing their own wine in the Chinon area.

Perhaps, as you can use a keyboard and have a good command of the English language, you should write the articles on the places you mention you intend to visit, rather than whingeing that they aren't covered in this article!

It's easy to sit back and criticise, but much more pleasant to write a useful article.

wendy and brian lees

Dearest Matron and Mo-Mo,
lovely story, deserve the best. Remember us poor avocado farmers in La Herradura. Would love to hear from you as we understand you are here at the moment with John. 958 827147 xox
7 june 2008

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