French education, an introduction

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Like all things in France, it depends where you live. When Alexandra was in maternelle and primaire we never had to purchase anything, apart from everything for the trousse! Now that she is at college the expense has started and we don't qualify for a bourse. She has also done art, music and sport since maternelle, albeit pretty basic in maternelle and primaire, but the college has a strong art department and the walls have the most amazing murals on them done by the students. 3 hours of sport a week, one hour of music and latin and physics have been introduced into the timetable this year (5eme). Next year (4eme) they will introduce Spanish so she will be doing francais, anglais, espagnol et latine!!!!


In Maternelle neither we nor our daughter had to pay anything, except for the school photos. At Primaire we have bought the items for the trousse and have paid for riding at a cente where they will spend three days this month.

As our grandchildren are 6 and 4 we have a few years to prepare for college. The extra tuition is free as is the school bus. But there may be areas where things are different, and as I have said this is just a basic overview so parents will know what they MIGHT expect. We are learning all the time with our grandchildren but they are now, after only almost a year here, speaking better French than us.


Do any of you have any information about how the French educational system addressess the issue of inclusion of school-age non-typical children (e.g., highly functional autistic children) in the "regular" classroom? We will be moving to France next year with our children 14 (typical) and 6 (highly functional autistic child) and would appreciate any information. Thank you.


I will be able to post a reply to this after a meeting I am going to on Friday

Cherie Cream.(fostercarer)

I would like to hear about the facility for inclusion a I might be bringing a child with similar needs.


I would point you to a web page

Rôle de Intégration

I believe this to say that wherever possible education of these (autistic) children should be in an 'ordinary' school. But in all cases the child would benefit from the assistance of individual help. It depends on what can be offered and of the level of autism that the child has.

In some cases total integration in the class would be possible but it must be seen that a certain mumber of strategies would have to be put in place. Other strategies would have to be looked into for children with a higher degree of autism.

the document is long and in French but please contact me if you want any further explanation.

I have looked at the internet and found regions/departments have their own 'sites' about the subject so presumably it depends on where you move to. I spoke to my friend last night and, although her daughter isn't autistic but attended a special school/college, she knows someone who has an autistic child and is going to get them to contact me. She can only tell me what happened as far as her daughter was concerned so I respect that and await contact.

In all cases I have found that there is dialogue between the teacher, the parents and an outside body, as the priority is the child and their education and protection.

As I said do contact me if I can help and I will reply when I hear from the people I spoke of.


I can also give you some other web sites to look at


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