Capturing corners of a hidden France

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Laurel Brown

Please enter me into the competition for the very interesting painting -- reminds me very much of a game I watched on a warm, late September day in Cucuron, Provence, a few years ago. I did not, however, have the pleasure of knowing the people who were playing and watching.

Susie Kelly

Please enter me into the competition. How sad that the boules alley has given away to car parking, but thanks to Richard's painting it will live on.

Glenis Bartle

I’d love to win a print of this splendid picture. What marvellous paintings Richard Cole produces. They really capture the essence of country life in France which is sadly disappearing from some of the villages. When we first moved to our village we could see only the roofs of two other properties - now it's becoming like a housing estate, just the kind of thing that we moved here to avoid.

Matt Docherty

Please enter me in the competition. Like many of Richard's paintings this seems to capture exactly what we all love about France without defining exactly what we love.

Jenny Stannard

Please enter me in the competition. It is sad to read that this site has changed so much over the years. The wonderful reproduction of the scene though will live on in peoples memories and portrays the essence of France which we all love.

Debbi Damico

Please enter me in the competition. Love this interview, especially the story behind La Partie des Boules. Alas, the demise of the boules alley for parking is all too typical of our definition of "progress."

Kevin Donovan

And me! Yes, I've seen boules players often displaced by the storage of building materials or car parking. But thanks for the memories - and the inspiration to conserve and improve.

Brian Sandison

please enter me into the competition. this would be an ideal gift for my wife, in May I will be taking her for her first visit to France.

Denise Singleton

Please enter me in the competition for Richard's wonderful painting. He captures life as it is lived in France. His views of country life are essential memories in an ever-changing world.

Joeann Millard

Please enter me in the competition. I love France and hope to live there one day.

Ken Appleby

I would love to win 'La Partie de Boules'. Having now spent six months working on our new home here in Normandy, we have just got to the decorating stage and it would fit in parfaitement. Besides, it's our 44th wedding anniversary this month and I haven't had time to get my wife a present yet, so it could save my life - what better reason?

Janet Davies

Please enter me into the competition. Lovely picture, damn shame about the car parking:-(


These pictures really do capture of France and its people.

wayne webster

I am 62yr old artist living in New zealand dreaming of your life and the day i can pack my brushes and live a time in France.AUVOIR Wayne


Please enter me into the competition. This painting reminds me of a game I used to play with my grandfather when I was a child. He even wore a hat like the men in the picture! It would be lovely to display in my home. But no matter who wins this painting, it will brighten up someone's home! Thank you for your generousity

Patrick O'Connell

Remembering John F Kennedy's comment:
'Everyone has two countries, their own and France'


Please enter me in the competition because I really like the print.

Lorraine Randell

Please enter me into the competition. I would love to win a copy of this painting, it reminds me of many happy holidays spent in France. My dream is to own my own house there someday, and to be able to watch people playing boules again for real. The painting would remind me of my aim when I am finding it hard to get up the enthusiasm for the traffic jams in England on a monday morning.

robert harvison

the same as all the previous comments ,unfortunately we can only visit twice/three times a year and such a lovely print would constantly remind us of great times1

John Kelly

Entry to comp.

Elaine Kelly

Entry to comp.

Dawn Courtney-Coles

Please enter me into the competition. We have lived in France for some years and still love it.The picture is so typical of the village life which is disappearing fast sadly.

Paul Pledger

Please enter me into the competition

Derek Arkwright

Please enter me in the competition, a wonderful picture.

Simon Collinge

Please enter me in the competition, thank you!

kathrine krogulec

Please enter me in the competition

Ursula Bingham

Please enter me for this print please. We bought a set of boules last year and have had great fun with them. A lovely game to play on a summer evening in the garden with(with wine of course)

Alan Johnson

Please enter me into your competition to win this beautiful painting that would certainly bring a piece of France to my living room.

Craig McGinty

The competition has now CLOSED and thanks to my random number generator comment number 18 from Lorraine, posted on Mar 13 was the winner.

Many thanks to everyone who left a message and it's clear Robert's paintings have captured the hearts of many.

All the best

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