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online books

It's all related to French, I think this is good site to learning French online and thanks for providing some good links for Online French language resources.

Jon Bischke

Another good one to check out is We've been aggregating a lot of French educational videos and also have dozen of French tutors available to teach one-on-one via video chat.


Anyone know of a site that streams video like a TV channel to a web browser ? I'm looking for something educational or travel related with a french focus. Many thanks in advance.


Try this for a useful French language resource; Le Petit Journal is a free monthly e-magazine with lots of free French language resources in it. The sign-up is on


I did find another one, apart from the ones in the comments: which is completely free and uses chat/video/voice and whiteboards as well. They are new but my guess is they will be booming soon since they charge nothing.


Hi, this site is useful: for beginners!

Gontijo, José Domingues

I like very much this site . . . it's veery inteligent and interesting!

Craig McGinty

Hi José Domingues , Many thanks for your kind words, I hope you enjoy exploring This French Life further.
All the best, Craig

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