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Ian Mitchell

Blogs! I run five or six different sites (Blogs and a main site with links to the others) and only recently did I become aware of a factor which makes an enormous difference to any Blog, particularly "Google Blogger"
Depending on which Internet Browser is used, the text is better or worse for the visitor to read. Whether it is a battle between Microsoft and Google, I don't know, but my Blogs are all Google Blogs, and I found out that viewers using "Internet Explorer" had great difficulty in reading the text, due to the colours used by Explorer in the presentation. Via Firefox, there was no problem, and this was difficult to understand! In the end, I was forced to spend a long time, changing templates, text colours, text styles, text size and many other things (like links colours/visited links colours etc)
Why this should be is beyond me, but that's the way it is. My tip to all users - check on both browsers the way your Blog/Site is presented!
(iwmpop) mr le Marquis.

Craig McGinty

Hi Ian, it can be a challenge to ensure websites work across browsers. Small tweaks and changes to templates can have quite an impact, and then trying to roll them back is really time consuming.
I know how you feel!!!
All the best, Craig

Bob Toovey

Don't make a website work with a browser! That is the wrong thing to do. Make your website work with web standards, namely CSS (cascading style sheets). All modern browsers follow the CSS standard. So if you create or modify a website to follow that standard, your website should display correctly on all modern browsers.

HOWEVER... in saying that Internet Explorer can display some CSS items slightly different than say Mozilla FireFox. There are CSS cheats to get around it if you need to.

Making a website work with a browser would mean that it would only work to that browser. Follow the web standards!

Craig McGinty

Hi Bob, I suppose that is the beauty of using a simple CSS style sheet it lets you do tweaks that should work across all browsers, saving you valuable tweaking time.
All the best

Bob Toovey

Craig, yes tweaking the CSS file makes cosmetic changes to a page very simple to do. Another advantage is that a single CSS file can be used by ALL pages of the website, ensuring a consistant "look and feel". Tweak the single CSS file and you tweak all pages of your site.

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