Manuals for France Telecom phones

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Wow, thanks for the info, Craig. I thought I was handy with French research, but this is brilliant.

Craig McGinty

Hi Polly, one to pop in your favourites me thinks :-)

All the best, Craig

Kevin Donovan

Thanks, Craig. Really useful. Our Siemens Gigaset phone failed recently after the line went down briefly. I downloaded the instruction pdf (available in most languages) but also emailed Siemens customer services who have sent the most helpful reply.

Craig McGinty

Hi Kevin, glad you got the phone sorted and I hope people find the handbook page useful.
All the best

Geoff Stemp

Kevin, see that you are using a Gigaset phone, I have one which I cannot get connected. French Telecom do not want to know nor does VoipTalk who are supposed to be providing the service.
Siemens also failed to help me get connected, So can you please tell of this *.pdf file you are talking about please.

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