Help towards heating costs for low income homes

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Ian Mitchell

Nice to know that some people are getting nice and warm at home, with the help of 150 euros for their fuel tanks!
I know that there are hundreds of thousands out there, on low or modest income, exempt from Tax (local or otherwise), who live in rented property, and whose heating type is forced upon them, who will NOT qualify.
Like myself, they are obliged to pay horrendous Electrical bills for heating - with no help!
Not even a bit of help if you go and buy yourself (if you can afford it) a petrol heater, even although this (to my mind) constitutes a form of "reservoir"! Why is this the case? Why should people who have (or had) high enough incomes to buy their own homes with fioul heating tanks get help, whilst the REAL needy don't?
NEVER is this question addressed by any Government, certainly not in France. I understand that the UK have a sort of "Winter grant" in particular for Pensioners, but I've never heard of a similar thing in France - or am I wrong?
(iwmpop) Mr le Marquis (and I'm not living in or trying to heat a Chateau!!)

Craig McGinty

Hi Ian
I'm afraid I don't know of an assistance scheme for those whose homes are heated with other fuel types.

The Service Public site is an extensive resource:

And I wonder if the local Mairie may be able to help point you in the right direction.

I'm sure others would appreciate a line or two should you be able to find out more.

Kind regards

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