Medical advice for disabled travellers

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Just a note on travel insurance - you don't necessarily have to go to a "specialised" health insurance/travel insurance company.
Several of our guests, this year have used companies like Tescos for example. The reason I say this is that the "specialised" companies tend to charge you "specialised" rates which appear to be extortionate, whereas other companies don't, you may pay a premium but it shouldn't be extortionate!
As Coral said - make sure you are extremely honest and open about your health and that will ensure that if something were to happen you will have adequate cover.
I have also found this year, that guests who have misjudged their medication, or forgotten something, this is nothing that your local pharmacist cannot sort out - bring your prescription and what you normally take and he will take it from there.
Also if you find yourself ill, or feeling unwell, a visit to the pharmacist with the problem often results in a solution, again take all lists of medication you are currently prescribed to ensure he knows what to be able to give you.
One last piece of info - bed sores, skin regimes etc - I have found with one guest staying with me a remarkable lotion/potion available direct from the pharmacist that appears to put a skin/film over the affected area. It was stunningly good, and the gentleman who I was supporting at the time, was amazed to find that after a couple of days the skin was healing, previously in the UK once the skin had broken he had a huge sore for nearly seven months! I had no idea what to ask for - but went with basic words, fauteil roulant (wheelchair) escarres (pressure sore). I am sorry that I don't have the name of the potion, but try it if you do get pressure sores and you're worried.

Craig McGinty

Hi Jacqui, many thanks for your message and helpful tips.

I also received a message (from my mum) pointing out the dietary card website:

This offers a card that translates dietary requirements, and whilst there is a small fee, it could prove useful when out and about.

All the best,

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