Check up on your cheque book

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So, how to put cents in ? :)
And the 10x+1 are wrong, euro is considered masculine, as far as I know. So it is not vingt et une, but vingt et un...


Thanks for this info. I had to write a check the other day and had to ask my husband how to do it again.


Babbar, quite right.

Then, even we French sometimes have a hard time writing a cheque ;)
I use my visa most of times.

Steve Clark

Firstly many thanks to Babbar for pointing out my typing errors, and to report its fixed now.
I can only apologize on behalf of my French friends, who most of them review the site though the bottom of a wine glass, thats the last time I spend 2 euro on a bottle of wine for them.

as for the cents no one writes them in nowadays, and thats excepted by all the banks now.

If anyone else has any comments on the site (good or bad) please feel free to contact me.

Sorry for the delay in getting back but I'm a working lad and don't get to the computer until the evenings.

Best regards

Steve Clark


Hello Steve,
in fact, I had some more comments:
you might as well put the zeros for each series, like you do in the English version.
And the layout is very much wrong with my fonts on firefox. I had to reduce the font size to have it look decent (as in to see the clear button, e.g.).
Hope this helps.

Geoffrey Coan

A top tip, thanks Craig.

I find I'm OK on writing the words in French (although I do have to think carefully and I recently found out that I'd been spelling Quinze wrong for the past two years) but my problem is remembering where to put the payee and the amount.
The number of times I have have written these the wrong way round on a cheque is untrue! I now resort to a post-it note in my chequebook to remind me of what to write where

Cheers, Geoffrey

Steve Clark

Sorry for people using firefox, but with all the different types of browser its hard to accommodate them all as no two are alike,
(so much for standards) Internet explorer being one the worst for non compliance, but it is getting better,
I can add some 0's to the columns if it helps

many thanks

Steve C.

Steve Clark

Hi All has had a face lift,
The new website has a better look and feel about it, it works on more browsers then the old website, and I've written new scripts for the number translation which include centimes now,
hope you like it !

Best regards

Steve C.

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