Interview with Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth and Sepulchre

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Know what she means about not seeing other parts of France. We've been here 9 years and have hardly moved out of the departement!


I really enjoyed Labyrinth, and am looking forward to reading Sepulchre

Caroline Mills

Labyrinth was so good, thanks for bringing Carcassone to life. Sepulchre is definitely on my Christmas list!

sandra olsen

really enjoyed labrynth. am looking forward to reading sepulchre, and beyond


I am going out today to buy Labyrinth.
Thank you for writing. Beth


Labyrinth - great reading, and the audiobook is fab, too. Looking forward to getting Sepulchre.


I found the French translation of Labyrinth rather clunky, but still very much enjoyed the story!
I look forward to reading Sepulchre, in English though!

yvonne northcott

Kate Mosse is a very clever and gifted author, can't wait to read Sepulchre.


Having had an interest in tarot since a (mis-spent) youth, I will definitely be reading Sepulchre.

On a slightly different note, I wonder if, at Kate Mosse "events", she encounters confused fans who've arrived expecting a rather different Kate Moss? :-D


Thoroughly enjoyed the first book and hope to be drawn for the second!


Loved the 'Labyrinth' and found it a really exciting tale so am delighted to find that there is a new book by the same author. Will really look forward to reading that.


me too!

Marie Bryan

As others have noted, I enjoyed Labyrinth immensely and can't wait for Sepulchre. I'm fascinated about what Kate says about almost setting Labyrinth in ancient Egypt as I am the librarian at Chicago House in Luxor.


Thought it was going to be a bit too chick-lit-ish (If that may be used as a word) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that, to paraphrase the man from Ronson, I bought a house near Beziers! looking forward to living there and exploring the history.


Captivated by Labirinth - especially as we have recently moved to the area. Now looking forward to Sepulchre.

Mary Brady

Labyrinth was really enjoyable.

Michelle Conroy

I loved Labyrinth and am looking forwrd to getting stuck into Sepulchre. The mix of the setting and the history just cant help but pull you out of reality and made it an unputdownable read.

Alan Blum

Nice interview. What a delightful, self-effacing author. I'm putting Rennes les Bains on my itinerary.


I have a copy of Labyrinth which I was saving for the Christmas holiday - can't wait to read it now having had my appetite whetted!

julie kosicki

I loved Labyrinth and took it with me to Carcassonne last summer. I loved Carcassonne so much I returned with a friend for a crazy weekend and cast the spell on her. We will both be back. This prompted other friends to go. What a magical place, a mesmerising book and the promise of another to immerse myself in this Christmas, Sepulchre. Thank you for Labyrinth. I was so immersed in the story of Alais and Alice. You are lucky to live beneath the walls of Carcassonne. When i return I'd love to spend some time chatting to you.

Pamela Kerr

I am ashamed to say I haven't got round to reading Labyrinth yet but is top of my "to do" list. Looking forward to getting involved in it as you can with a good book and also Sepulchre after that. Once the Christmas rush has died down I can put my feet up and enjoy - can't wait!

Sandra McKay

So loved Labyrinth. Kate's the tops cause I've read it the mostest. It was even my choice for our bookclub review. Hope Santa knows his way to France this year.


Sounds interesting, hope I win!


I read Labyrinth during our first year in south west France and found it fascinating. We accidentally discovered Carcassone during a house hunting trip. I'm really looking forward to reading Sepulchre.


I haven't read Kate's books so would love to win this copy!

Craig McGinty

The competition has now CLOSED and thanks to my random number generator comment number 11 from Ann, posted on November 28 was the winner.

Many thanks to everyone who left a message and it's clear that Kate's books have many, many fans.

All the best

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