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Sarah Smith

Dear Craig,
Thank you for reacting to the article we sent across.

Here is the latest twist.

Regards, Sarah


France ‘will allow healthcare affiliation to continue for British early retirees’

Last week no, this week yes

Latest reports indicate that France will allow early retiree Britons living in France to continue to be affiliated to its national healthcare system (CMU).

Last week the French Health Ministry and the national health authority (CPAM) said that CMU affiliation, based on payment related to income, was to be denied to those already in the system and newcomers to France irrespective of their financial situation. At least one official letter has also been sent to a Briton in France saying his affiliation to CMU is now denied and he must return his carte vitale.

The news - yet to be confirmed by the French Ministry of Health – was announced in a release from the British Embassy in Paris on Wednesday September 12. It came after a meeting between the ministry and the British Embassy in Paris on Monday September 10.

The Embassy statement reads:

“The British Embassy are in close touch with the French Ministry of Health to clarify the situation regarding healthcare provision for EU citizens who are inactive and below retirement age in France. The French authorities are applying strictly the EU Directive (2004/38) which will mean modifying the healthcare coverage available to some inactive people, including early retirees, from other EU countries who will be taking up residence in France. However, the French Ministry of Health have assured us that the provision of healthcare to people already resident in France will not be affected.”

The Embassy stressed that this was not an issue specific to Britons but applied to all EU citizens who come to live in France.


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