It's a doctor's life in Toulouse

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Evelyn Gorrill

Very best of luck with your venture! We look forward to following your progress. We live just south of Rodez and are in the process of organising our lives to conform with French regulations etc. It's just not as horrific as some people make it out to be! CPAM was a breeze for instance and we're not that fluent in French yet. It's all so worth it once you live the adventure!

Best regards
Evelyn and Peter Gorrill

Huw Casson

Thanks for the support Evelyn and Peter. At this moment we need it. The practice is in grave peril. This is all the more sad as if we had not spent the extra months at the local public hospital, supporting them at their request, we might have had enough time to generate the awareness of our practice through word of mouth - the only legitimate avenue open to us due to the regulations affecting doctors and other professions liberales in France. Unless we can get a miracle in the next 2 weeks, we shall have to return to the UK or face losing our house ( we are renting here - it is our only property). The business community here is being very helpful and we hope that the networking will pay off, otherwise South-west France will lose its only native English speaking medical practice. Time is not on our side, I fear, but who knows what the next two weeks will bring... we hope, still.
Once again thanks for the sentiments,
Huw and Jude

Helen Pack

Having just moved to Toulouse from another area of France, we have been thinking of starting a small medical practice, with the aim of serving primarily the English speaking community, so we have read with great interest of your experiences. We were both UK GPs, but left 5 years ago to live near Perpignan where Peter has worked as a locum. Would you be willing to talk to us about your experience in Toulouse, before we embark on on our project?
Hope things have settled for you now.
With kind regards
Helen and Peter
Hope you

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