Warning over pet microchips

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Geoffrey Coan

Sounds awful.

We took our dog to France for the first time over Easter and my wife was petrified that we'd got something wrong with the paperwork, inoculations, etc. that would have resulted in a similar situation.

Leaving the UK was a complete non-event. They didn't even check the dog or it's passport.

Coming back we used a local vet for the ticks and tapeworm treatment, he spoke excellent English, and the whole thing really was quite painless.


Craig McGinty

Hi Geoffrey, I know I must have double-checked my hound's paperwork repeatedly and no one checked coming into France, but as you say heading back to the UK is a different matter and can take some time.
All the best, Craig


It is extremely rare for a chip to fail - it usually far out lives the animal that it is inserted into. However, we have an Oscar Petfood franchise & consequently our own scanner which we use to check our dogs before we leave the UK.

Anyone interested in purchasing a scanner can email me at tim.ingram@oscars.co.uk


My dogs's ID is sometimes difficult to read (appx 10yrs old) My vet kindly rang DEFRA and they advised it was possible for the vet to implant a second ID (End 2008). It has to be done in a specific order and the passport has to be noted and signed by the vet with an explanation. I suggest you speak to your vet and ask him to contact DEFRA on your behalf. Good luck

Craig McGinty

Thanks for that Ele, I hope others visit their vet if they have a similar problem.
All the best, Craig

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