Violence flares in Toulouse

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I live on the main boulevard in Toulouse and the biggest clash between the rioters and the police happened just outside my window.

The rioters knocked over the recycle containers in front of my building. The container that contained bottles was emptied and the bottles were used as weapons by throwing them at the police. The container for plastic/paper was lit on fire creating a gigantic fire with plastic fumes taking over the streets.

The police was in the beginning outnumbered and the rioters were extremely aggressive.

Some spectators went between the rioters and the police to snap photos of the burning plastic container and I was surprised at how the police ignored them. Amidst the chaos it must have been very difficult to spot the difference between photographers and rioters (both being young casually dressed guys and gals).

I couldn't have been more happy when I saw the first groups of police move towards the rioters. Saving cars and mimimizing the costs for us, the inhabitants of the area.

Defending people who make it harder for the police to save the cars belonging to me and my neighbours and who try to restore law and order is really not something that I can relate to.


Thomas, interested to know what you mean when you talk about,

"Defending people who make it harder for the police to save the cars"

Do you mean the rioters - as they obviously make it hard for everybody, especially the police.

Or do you mean the people in between the rioters and the police? The people with cameraphones and the journalists with cameras? I'm not sure I would agree with you if this is the case.

I can't think of any justification for erasing footage of a someone with a cameraphone beyond the recently approved Prevention of Criminality law which is 'intended' and 'aimed' at happy slappers

Maybe there's another law at play here. I dunno. But, if there isn't, it would be interesting, nay very worrying, if this new law is being interpreted in this way, no?


As Graham says it is the fact that people recording such events could face intimidation from the police that is worrying.

My other worry, with my journo's hat on this time, is that if you are going to have to be "badged up" to say you are from the press this could cause even more problems and make you an easy target for both sides.

- Craig

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