EU banking rules reformed

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Ian Watson Mitchell

Hello! So far as I am aware, the only people really affected (maybe) will be the non-euro zone countries (UK among them). My own Pension, for example, has been paid to my Account in France directly, automatically and free of charges since the Euro installation, saving me upwards of 45euros every month. I understand that cheques from Foreign Banks, paid onto your French Account, for example, will no longer be subject to a charge, but I can't beleive that really! All the more reason to use "plastic" for all money transfers.


I saw that written up in the FT and it implied that it would be possible to have an account in any country and pay direct debits, standing orders and whatnot directly from that at the same cost as you do from a local bank.

Can't see it going live by the proposed date of 2008 somehow but at least we can now look forward to the day when we can ditch Credit Agricole's over the top charges!

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