Sarkozy interviewed on US television

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Sarkozy has proven that he will say what ever he has to in any given situation. He promises security to the extreme right and caters to their race fears. He tries to cater to the poor in the banlieus who don't know what he really stands for. He is running a campaign that is using his position as Interior minister to unfair advantage.
I don't think that he would be very good for France or for non French living in France. He has a record of making promises that he goes back on.
He is very smart, crafty and dishonest.

Craig McGinty

Hi Patrick

Many thanks for the comment and Sarkozy does seem to know how to work the media to his advantage, so he gives little away about what he would do for France.

All the best, Craig


Just a normal politician in fact, I prefer them to those ever so scary ideologues. Don't you?


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