Tips on registering an English car in France

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giles viney

Thanks for the info. I just read that since 1998 the procedure is more simple:

Depuis le 1er janvier 1998, la réglementation européenne simplifie les formalités et permet l'immatriculation directe en France d'un véhicule déjà immatriculé dans un pays de la CEE, sous réserve qu'il ai satisfait au Contrôle Technique.

does anyone have more info ?

Craig McGinty

Hi Giles
It's difficult to know exactly where your quote came from but I think it might relate to regulations in place for so-called "véhicules de tourisme de type M1".

This page (in French) explains further the procedure for registering a car in France:

Everyone I know who went down this route said it takes some time and be prepared for the paperwork.

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