Downshift to a sensible life

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Tracey Smith

Hi Craig,

Thank you for highlighting National Downshifting Week!

I hope that readers who are considering downshifting to France have a good look through the website and long before they plan their destination, they put some serious thought into living with less in their own four walls in their home countries.

You need to be sure this lifestyle change is for you (and your family)before you overcommit!

My best advice is to start gently, dip your toes into simple living and when you feel ready, ramp up 'living with less' to the next stage. Print off the free 'Downshifting Manifesto' from the NDW website, put it up on the fridge and start charting your progress.

This way, you will find your comfort level of downshift and more importantly, you will find out how much money you need to earn/spend, in order to be happy, stay sane and stress free - believe me, moving countries, even with the best will in the world, is stressful....

I have, sadly, seen too many people head to France (and other european destinations) and head back in year one because they hadn't really 'thought it all through'.

They also thought downshifting would be the cure for all some cases, back to basics living CAN be, but you need to have given it a good go before you leave Dover to be sure it's for you.

I wish all your readers "Bon chance"!

TS x

Sam Mooney

So many people move to France with the expectation of a slower pace of life. It's true things are slower here but at the same time we often have to work longer and harder than we did wherever we came from.

Still, for me anyway, better to be working longer and harder in the Aude than in Canada.

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