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Geoffrey Coan

Great list of tips Craig, I'd also add two others:

Check browser compatibility: At the very least your site should display OK in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Also try seeing how readable it is with bigger and smaller font sizes. All too many sites are unreadable or go completely wonky with a bigger font size.

Printability: Not a real word I'm sure, but does your website print out OK? Many web pages get truncated on the right when printed (especially true with Internet Explorer) and if your carefully crafted text is chopped off it'll be sure to annoy any potential visitors.

Cheers, Geoffrey


Thanks for those additional tips Geoffrey, definitely worth people checking their site both displays and prints out correctly.

All the best

Richard Charman

I have just updated my website to include a lot more photos. I would have benfited from your advice before I started. I plan to make additional changes to it.

I wanted not only to highlight our chateau, but the fact that there is so much to do and see in the surrounding countryside in South West France.

I wanted families to see that there are lots of activities they can do together. I wanted Business Clients to see that there are facilities for them also.
I want all potential clients to appreciate how well connected the chateau is, being 35 minutes from Carcassonne and 55 minutes from Toulouse.

I want to show this part of France and the vast range of skills - glass making at Villpinte for example are really worth seeing. I also wanted the attractions of Toulouse - not only the Cite de l'Espace, but the Airbus Factory are easy to get to and enjoy.

Craig McGinty

Hi Richard

Taking a quick look over your site and I would say you have got the essential bits in place.

An individual Title for each page is one thing you are missing, alongside a bit of an About Us page, as well as a link to This French Life on your links page ;-)

All the best


Graeme Swan

A good tip to get noticed is use some of the text you have written (alter it slightly to avoid the google duplicate copy trap) publish with a link to your site on one of the many article sites like One way links are good.

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