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Philip Voice

I was using Rentcalandar until Sunday last when I discovered it was not working.

I have also noticed that some of my search results were from people querying why Rentcalendar was not working.

I have redirected my clients to the calendar on French Connections for now but I will have a look at your suggestion.




One thing to come out of this I suppose is that it is important to regularly check that the services you are using on your website are actually working correctly.

Things like forms, calendars and sites you link to will ensure your site is in good shape.

Maybe a job for a chilly, winter's afternoon with the fire blazing away!

Clive Dawson

I also have just discovered that is no longer working.I know we have little cause to criticise 'free'services,but you would think that they would have the decency to inform their client base.
I had the same trouble with 'mailtoweb' which I was using on both our sites for email enquiries,it just stopped working, but fortunately a potential client contacted us to say the form didn't work.
So I concur with Philip,try to remember to check out third party sevices !

Craig McGinty

Hi Clive
Thanks for your comment and you are right to recommend checking up on website services, would be annoying to miss out on bookings.
All the best

Clive Dawson

My apologies Craig, for crediting the wrong man!
As a footnote I spent most of the day looking for an alternative to obvious one is,but I left them some time ago as I thought the calendar was rather dull,and there was no way to imbed it in my website.
There are countless php and javascripts available,but I'm no 'coder'.
In the end I've settled for Google calendar,the pro's:
Really easy to edit and integrate with your site(they provide a code generator)
Limited editing of the calendar itself(colours etc) and it will only display up to one month at a time,with selection arrows for alternative months.
Never the less its a once again a great free service from Google.

clive dawson

Just an update on availability calendars.I gave up on the google one,mainly because it always defaulted to French and secondly because the graphics are limited.
I ran a new search for calendars,and as always there are 'new kids on the block',and was impressed by a free service.
It's easy to use and customise and will automatically integrate with many popular online calendar services and gives you the code for personal site integration if you need it.

Craig McGinty

Hi Clive, many thanks for that, looks a very tidy option.
For those who want to check what Clive has done, please see:
All the best, Craig

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