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Phil Voice

Hello Craig

I hope I can give some very good advice on your subject above.

When we arrived in France we were 'on holiday' with long lunches and lots of sightseeing before reality and property renovation took over.

Then our son was taken seriously ill and he needed several months of treatment and aftercare.

That thankfully passed and with that great shock we took out extensive insurance for both our children but with a certain thought 'it cant happen to us' we ignored our own needs.

Yesterday Donna suffred a broken pelvis after being thrown from her horse and now we are liable for 25% of all medical care and 35 % or all pharmacy costs.

If I could turn back the clock I would but I can't.

I would just offer this advice -

Get insured and bear the cost.

We have opted for Aviva which is generous in the event of any claim with sometimes 300% of any treatment being paid.

We continue to learn lessons so it is our advice to make the right provisions

Phil Voice


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