Economic effect of a booming airport

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Last Sunday our return Ryanair flight could not land at Bergerac. With no alternative flights available we were all left to make our own way home with no offers of bussing or anything.Our emergency return trip cost us only £540 with RyanAir agreeing to refund &97. It could have been a lot more. Our travel insurance will not cover this.
Surely this cannot be allowed to happen. Many families with young kids left to fend etc. What if someone had turned up skint with only the useless plane ticket? With no one from RyanAir the chamber of commerce staff were left to sort this out (not that they did anything)
We were lucky to get a Hertz car at 198E for 24 hrs. Could they not have helped more? Perhaps RyanAir could have advised us of this possibility -it has happened before! Perhaps they could sell us a policy to cover it?
Would anyone else like to send in claims to them as we have done?

Craig McGinty


I think this is something that should be taken up with the Air Transport Users Council, please see:

They will be able to tell you if you are entitled to compensation under EU regulations.

Hope this helps.


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