Review of C’est La Folie

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Fiona Imrie

This is the best book I have read in ages. It had me laughing out loud. This is not a common occurence as I am a full time carer for my severely disabled son, and life generally isn't a load of laughs. When will the next book be out, Michael, and I'll bin the Prozac?

Craig McGinty

Hi Fiona

Many thanks for dropping in on This French Life and I must agree C'est La Folie is one of the funnier books about life in France.

All the best


David  Radcliffe

I found this book excellent, so droll, so touching, so personal and so vivid. Merci mille fois, Michael. La Folie recoit des touristes sympa, je me demande?

Craig McGinty

Hi David, many thanks for your comment and you are right that C'est La Folie offered some real personal insights.
All the best, Craig

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