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Andrew Japp

The above link to the Chambres de Métiers is broken

Craig McGinty

Hi Andrew, looks as though someone hasn't paid their internet bill as the whole website is down.

One possible solution may be to search with the phrase "Chambre de Métiers + region of choice" so something like "Chambre de Métiers Dordogne".

Hopefully the Chambre de Métiers will find a euro to put in the slot soon.

John Hatch


I know that this is not your normal day-to-day taskings.

I am writing you to see if there is any way that you may assist me.

I purchased and installed a French Made Tankless Hot Water Heater in 1989.

The Brand Name is Aquavac, the model is 45.

I am having a great deal of difficulty in locating the needed repair parts here in the E.U. to keep it going.

Is there any way that you could provide me with a business name and email address in France that could possibly provide the needed parts?

They Must be able to communicate in ENGLISH, My French is almost non existent these days, I never could write it very much either.

I spent some time in France in the early 60's, I was stationed there in the US Air Force at Dreux Air Base. So what little French I knew has escaped me it seems.

The water heater has been a great unit through all these years, with the minor exceptions like now. I only need small parts to repair the heater at the present time, I.E. overheat limiter P/N 53703 and the thermocouple assembly P/N 53458, Alternate No. 52664.

I need these parts to keep the pilot light lit, otherwise the heater is still functioning great, even after all these years.

If you can't help me, can you please direct me towards someone or a business that is Reputable, and may be able to help me?

Thank You, in Advance

Mr. John Hatch
Sacramento, California. USA

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