Chatting on the radio

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Claire Sutton

Good luck for this afternoon Craig!

Are you going to be posting the recording of your interview on the site for those of us who are not allowed to listen due to UK licensing laws?


Well done Craig!
just listened to you on t'radio.
I've decided I must be one of those 'weird Herberts or sadoe's' that Bessy mentioned!
But like you I am totally convinced that blogs/blogging is the bizz!
Thanks for all your help and advice...I'm still working on it all....lots to learn.
Good luck with all your blogs.
ps. I hope you changed out of your pyjamas for the interview!

Robin Hamman

Well done Craig. You came across as really knowledgeable, which of course you are, and sounded good on the radio - I reckon you've done this before! I hope you enjoyed it.

Robin @ the BBC Manchester Blog

Phil Voice

I have just resigned as ceo from and in protest at Manchester radios take on Bloggers lol:-0)

Well done Craig, you could get a job on the radio full time I reckon.

I can honestly say that regular updating of the blog snatches top spot on google regularly.

I can even report coming above This French Life on one search result (I wont say which one)

My google earnings have increased five fold in the last 2 months and most of it is down to Craigs advice.

Well done


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