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This programme was very entertaining and relaxing for me (I am French).

Marcus is absolutely hilarious and I am sure he will perform extremely well on stage (although not with the jokes the French man told ... very bad).
Esther has a very good accent and can create the illusion in the first place that she could be nearly bilingual but her level is less good than I had thought primarily.
Ron struggles, (that is actually an understatement) but I expected someone narrow-minded and reluctant to embrace the challenge. I was wrong and he genuinely seems to make a real effort.

Surprisingly (for me at least), the problem of this show comes from the teachers who are really patronizing their students. Despite, the fact that Esther's teacher seems less stern and boring than the others, I cannot bear their general attitude.

Another programme was a two-part show called "French Exchange" was on BBC2 on Monday and Tuesday at 11:20pm (a tad late but it's too hot to sleep anyway). It was very entertaining particularly when several British people decided (a bit forcefully one must admit) to reintroduce hunting in the Pau region which, incidentally, is the area I come from and lived a large part of my still short life.
Yesterday, the programme was about French people living in the UK. I regret only one example of French people dwelling out of London was shown. Sorry for the long comment ...

Michelle Renouf

I think this programme was excellent, i think it would be great fun if every day people like myself could go on live television and learn french, i would jump to the opportunity!

doing a programme similar to this learning a foreign language with little knowledge would inspire people to go out and start learning it themselves, even if they only know a little to start with. Alot of people think this would be an excellent idea.

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