Driving tips in France

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Remember everyone that some minor roads in France have priority over the main road. These are normally marked before you arrive at these junctions. Look out for a black X on a triangular sign. But be aware that persons can take priority even there are no road markings between the minor road and the major road. This is never the case for autoroutes and route nationals. It's complicated so watch out! If not sure read up on the subject elsewhere!

Also new law from this Autumn. You must carry a bright yellow road safety vest in the boot in case you breakdown.

These laws change and sometimes the websites and organisations are incorrect - be careful!

Gina J

Having spent several years on holidays driving my own car in France I only realised this year that one needs to carry the original - not photocopy - of the car's logbook. Duh! Did I feel stupid when the nice Feu Vert man told me about it when I had to buy new tyres. Luckily I've never been stopped, but it could be a fine on the spot.

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