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Bourgogne is a simply wonderful place which I'm actively looking for a house or apartment/gite/villa in. I'm looking for advice on what other sites to use to find properties. Should I be looking on actual French estate agents sites, or English sites that list lots of other French agents properties? Like for instance? Does anyone have any experience with this specific site?


Hi am a studing the region of Bourgogne and i want to know what the way of life is like over there!


hi i am learning about Bourgogne in my french class in australia.i am just woundering, how you live your day? what are your main foods and what are you most known for thankyou so much.


I also would like to know what Bourgogne is mostly famous for that would be very helpful thank you so so so much!!

Craig McGinty

Thanks for dropping in on the site.
Here are a couple more articles about Burgundy, with a few links in that you can use to explore more about the region:
Take a look at Burgundy


What’s on in Burgundy

Hope this helps.


thank you so much for your help. it is really interesting and Bourgogne sounds like a really interesting and welcoming place, thank you heaps


thank you so so so much for helping emily and i out it is very helpful and it is nice to know the help is out there i will deferently be stopping by on this site again and asking for assistance thank you so much again for all your help!!


yes there great, you have been so helpful and i have told all my firends about this site. thank you heaps. i am so greatfull.

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