The Impressionists on the BBC

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I have seen THE IMRESSIONISTS and think it is fantastic!! I review the arts for local papers in the Algarve and would like to tell my readers where they can order a DVD of the 3 part program. It should be seen for the excellant photography alone, the story is a bonus.

could you let me know if it is possible to get a DVD of it or worse case, when will it be shown again?

Craig McGinty

Hi Louise

I've checked both the BBC shop and Amazon to see if it is possible to buy The Impressionists - but it doesn't look as though it is available.

Joanna Haselwood

I am also interested to get a DVD as I only saw zhe first episode. If anyone knows where to grt one please let me know

Erin Thomson

The Impressionists is due to be released on DVD on the 4th of September. You can pre-order now from Amazon.

David McCann

you lot are lucky and probably delighted that the impressionists is now out on dvd but imagine if you knew that months ago and was eagerly awaiting it but you were deaf so you can't hear it!!!? Well this happened to my friend as the dvd does NOT have subtitles! Whilst you can enjoy the film to it's fullist, he Can't it's such an upsetting disappointment for him and he feels like a freak and can't join in with everyone else such as you. I urge you to write to the company that made it
and ask for a re release with captions. I hope you have some compassion and allow a fellow human to join in with you in your entertainment from the impressionists. Many thanks in advance to those of you so kind to take a few minutes to send in an email to the company who said is "most unfortunate" that they haven't released a subtitled version. It isn't technically impossible; it's laziness. The more emails they are badgered with, the better they are to act. I hope this goes out to many people. Thank you again for your time.
David McCann on behalf of Norman Morgan.


Where can I find a dvd of the French version of the film "Clochemerle", made in the 50's

Larry Davis

Thanks for this post. I am interested in impressionism and the places in Normandy where some of the grat artists lived other than Giverny.

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