Living a downshifted life

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Tracey Smith

Hi Craig,

Well, I am knee-deep in Day One of the event and it's been reported in the Guardian already...

For any budding downshifters out there, I wish you all the best with your journey to find a slow, green groove.

Embrace the changes gently, if you like how you feel, do a bit more and enjoy finding your comfort level of downshift.

Tracey Smith
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Hi Tracey, I too am returning to the UK. Although life in France has been OKish I do miss the British sense of humour not only that I feel that there is a back-lash contre les anglais. Although not obvious and upfront it is there nonetheless. I work for an agence immobilier and know that the French want to sell to theBrits because they think that we will pay anyprice. This myth in turn creates a resentment in the young French who want to get on to the property ladder over here. I think that there will be quite a strong chauvinistic reaction in the not too distant future so I'm leaving and quickly too!

Before I moved over here I lived in North Wales for many years and I know now that I took the gentle pace of life there for granted so that's where I'm returning to.

Did you ever work for a French employer? I do and what a nightmare it has turned out to be, I should have read "A year in the merde" first. Living in France has not turned out to be the genteel idyll I had thought it would. But at least I gave it 10 years or so. Can't say I didn't try.

Best of luck with your new venture in the UK. I too am setting up a business in the UK and will be buying items in France and selling them in the UK and the USA. That way I can enjoy frequent visits to France but not have to live here. I like the people and most of the culture but it ain't home is it?

All the very best to you, warm wishes,



I'm starting to breathe...wao!

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