Keep ticks at bay

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Malcolm Lees

the tick problem, in the vineyards and also in the garden, is par-tick-ularly bad here in the Herault this year. Even with Front-line applied ticks still make an attempt to embed themselves. When this uccurs I use a little ether on a pad to make sure that the head and mouth part are removed completly, a bottle of ether can be obtained at any chemist.

lindsey nash

Horses face the same dangers from tick-borne disease as dogs and humans. I live in a very wooded area with a high deer population and the problem seems to be worse year on year. Horses should be checked twice a day, particularly in thin skinned areas such as under the jaw, chest, groin, under elbows etc. I regularly find 6-8 ticks of all sizes each day on my horses, but the smallest will take a little practise to find so take your time. I use tea tree oil on the would after extraction with a Tire-Tic (available from pharmacies). I have been recommended to use Butox by a vet, a product normally used on cattle, so check with your own vet the appropriate dilution rate for horses. It should be applied with a spray and protective mask and gloves should be worn.

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