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james chadwick

my name is james chadwick and am flying to belfast 16 sept 2006.I also booked,as a surprise,seats for my mother and her partner.unfortunately,she isnt well enough to go.I was willing to change the dates and names but the cost is more than the original price,so I will just have to lose my money.cant be right,surely.thankyou for your consideration on this issuejaMES.

Craig McGinty

Hi James

Many thanks for your message.

I am very sorry to hear of the troubles you've faced and agree that changes to flight details are very expensive.

Please feel free to contact easyJet via the email address mentioned in the article.

And I hope you are still able to surprise you mother with another gift.

All the best



Having arrived at Naples airport early on 17 September for a flight to Stanstead London with my partner son and his fiancee - we were among the first 15 people to receive our boarding passes believing this would ensure we would be amongst the first group to board the plane ensuring we would be able to sit together - but unbeknown to us the check in staff and written a D on our boarding card - therefore we were the lst to get on the plane and all the seats had been taken apart from single seats. We were extremely angry and would like you to explain your boarding policy. We feel we will never travel Easyjet again. Linda


do you have an e-mail no. for EASYJET

Niamh Pigott

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Niamh Pigott and I am currently a student in D.I.T, in my last year, studying for a degree in Tourism. I am currently doing an assignment on your airline, more sppecifically on the area of customer care. I was wondering if you could help me, by e-mailing me some information on your airline. Thank you

Niamh Pigott

Niamh Pigott

sorry forgot to mention, if you could reply to me email adress at


Mrs patricia Saluja

Dear Sir

I booked my return flight from Gatwick to Rome (Ciampino), leaving Gatwick on 16 Dec 2006 on flight no 5253, leaving at 06.50 and returning back on 18 Dec on flight no 5254, departing Rome at 10.45 (Booking Reference (EC3BG HV. The return flight was cancelled and I was rerouted to East Midlands on flight no 6578 leaving Rome ~13.30. By the time I reached at East Midlands, it was too late to go to Gatwick to catch my flight to Aberdeen (BA) as I was told that it could take up to 4 hours. I had to by a new ticket at a huge cost to fly to Aberdeen from East Midlands. I believe that under the EU Regulations I am entitled to compensation. Could you please let me know how do I claim the extra cost of my travel. I am unable to find your postal address.

I also missed an important meeting in London. I need a letter, stating that my flight from Rome to Gatwick was cancelled and I was rerouted to East Midlands. Please give full details of missed flight and rerouted flight (flight nos, time etc).

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours faithfully

Mrs patricia Saluja

Gareth TOBIN

I need an e mail address at Easy Jet so I can ask the appropriate dept for info on a flight that I missed due to an injury. My insurance company need the details.

Thankyou Gareth TOBIN

Craig McGinty

Hi Gareth

Unfortunately like most low-cost airlines easyJet is not very easy to contact via email.

Regular contact details can be found here:


and here:


Hope this helps.


i called the easyjet customer services by phone on thursday 17/5/2007 to book a trip to liverpool from paris and i took a reference no. "ECHJJKV" and the confirmation had to be sent to me on the above mentioned e-mail but i couldn't find it till now so iam not sure that my booking is confirmed so please send me the confirmation because i called from cairo egypt and my visa is not accepted on the internet

Craig McGinty

Hi Hassan. I'm afraid this site has no connection with easyJet and all I can suggest is that your try the other contact options mentioned in the comments above.
All the best, Craig

Lesley Short

I have had the worst customer experience of my life with easy jet. I have copied previous letters below, which outline my problem, and have been completely ignored.
(letter to andy@easyjet.com)

I have recently come by your e.mail address, and understand that your are interested in ensuring EasyJet provides top quality customer service. My hope is that this e.mail address actually works, and will generate a response to my situation.

I have had the worst travel experience of my life with easyJet, and can not believe the lack of channels to actually communicate with a person. I am attaching a letter that I sent out two weeks ago, I faxed one copy, and mailed 4 copies to various people and departments, and have yet to receive a response. In addition to all of the phone calls, letters and attempts I have mentioned in the letter, I have also had several other attempts to contact end in frustration through the inability to actually reach a person.

EasyJet lost my baggage at the beginning of my trip to Italy over a month ago, and I have yet to receive them. I had a phone call from Malpensa airport a week and a half ago, stating they had my baggage, and would put it on a plane to Toronto immediately, and that I would have it within two days. That was 10 days ago, and I have my baggage has yet to arrive.

This situation with easyJet, has cost me hundreds of dollars in phone calls, and has wasted over 15 hours of my time, not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings in my suitcase. Furthermore, I was charged $ 130 in access baggage weight, for luggage that was never received.

I am at a loss as to what to do next, as all roads lead to dead ends with EasyJet. My next step will be to contact the newspapers, and see if they are interestested in publishing my letter. Please ready the attached letter, which will provide further information. I can be reached by phone at (country code 001) 519 623 xxxx, or cell phone 001 519 841 xxxx.

I anxiously await your reply, and the return of my belongings.

An extremely disgruntled former EasyJet customer,

Lesley Short

(copy of previous letter sent to 4 different departments....still no reply)
I am writing as I have had one of the worst travel experiences of my life, with Easy Jet. I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of channels for communicating with an actual person at Easyjet. The barrage of computer messages that only lead to dead ends with no results have cost my at least 12 hours of my time, and I’m sure hundreds of dollars in phone calls. Furthermore, I think it is appalling that you charge for incoming calls when customers try to reach you as a result of your mistake.

My husband and I flew out of Edinburgh to Milan on June 3 on flight 4356. The clerk who checked us in was an absolute bitch, and was extremely irritated that we had overweight baggage. She told me I will have to throw out my camera bag, as it was more hand luggage than we were aloud. At no point did she suggest that we can pay for extra weight, she thought that the best solution would be to throw away $ 10,000 worth of professional photography equipment, and dump some of the contents from our cases. When I asked her if the policy of paying for extra baggage had changed, and was that no longer a possibility, she waved us over to the counter to pay for extra weight with no more than a grunt.

We were on holidays for three weeks, combing business with pleasure which necessitated a fair amount of luggage. We paid 66 pounds sterling for our extra weight, boarded the plane, and never received my luggage on the other side. To this day my luggage continues to roam the globe without me. When we arrived in Malpensa, and my luggage didn’t they issued a missing luggage order, PIN # 217123609 under my husband’s name Aldo Toom. They told me that the next flight in from Edinburgh was in two days time, and it would likely be on that. We changed out travel plans to stay in the area, because after that we were constantly moving, and it would be difficult for them to get my luggage to me when they found it. After 3 days, and my luggage didn’t show up, we set off on our trip. I had absolutely nothing other than the clothes on my back, and was understandably disappointed that all the new clothes I bought for the trip would likely not be worn. I kept checking on the status of my baggage, and after 6 or 7 days the message changed to say it had been located as was in the hands of the delivery company. This is when I desperately started attempting to contact Easyjet and malpensa Airport to ensure the luggage would be directed to the right place, in the hope that I might actually get some pleasure out of my clothes and accessories before the trip was over.

This is were my frustration really escalated. All numbers which were provided as contact numbers, didn’t work or would give you a generic response with no additional contact information. I also had my family at home working on making contact with anyone at Easyjet, and they too had the same experience…dozens of phone calls, leading nowhere. When they were lucky enough to reach a person, they would end up getting disconnected or hung up on. I have been trying to call since my return home, and the one number that I actually feel hopeful about reaching someone with, is constantly busy. Furthermore your website states that we can claim 25 pounds per day for three days for necessities (which of course doesn’t even begin to cover the additional costs which were incurred ), and states that the claim has to be made with receipts within 21 days, which is impossible if you are out of town for three weeks. Furthermore, we were pick pocketed in Rome, and will have to wait for our MasterCard statement to be able to provide proof of purchase of necessities as most of our receipts were in my husband’s wallet.

At this point, I want my baggage returned ASAP, I expect a full refund of the 66pounds which was paid for additional weight on luggage which was never received, I will forward copies of my receipts of necessities ( 25 pounds per day x 3, times 2 people) , once I have heard from someone who can inform me as to where to send them to (it will be after the excepted claim date, which I assume will have some flexibility given the circumstances), I also think it is only fair that Easyjet reimburse me for all phone calls related to the lost luggage (minus all the calls made from pay phones, which of course I can’t prove) Furthermore, I think some additional goodwill gesture should be made to compensate for ruining our trip, and time and frustration spent on this situation.

I fully expect to hear back from an actual person who is able to trace my luggage, and let me know why I have not yet received it. (I assume you do have people working there somewhere beyond the useless prerecorded messages)


Lesley Short
Disgruntled Easyjet Former Customer

Lesley Short, 80 Forest view Drive, Cambridge, Ontario N1T 1V1, 519-623-5818,
Email: lsstudios@rogers.com

cc: vice-president public relations
Vice-president sales and marketing

Craig McGinty

Hi Lesley, I don't think there is anything I can say, you have clearly had a nightmare. I hope that somehow things are sorted out.
All the best, Craig

John mcshane

dear sir/madam

I have just booked flights to Malaga for myself and my wife ref ecm4qv7. I have also booked flights to Malaga for three members of my family at a different time but on the same credit card ref ecm7c2s. I am trying to get into my booking reference to add advanced passenger information and save tiime on the day but when i go into my easy jet and type in my ref no it comes up with the other ref no. I have tried several times. Can you please advise.

Craig McGinty

Hi John, I'm afraid that This French Life doesn't have any connection with easyJet and I can only suggest following some of the links mentioned in the article to see if they can help with your questions.
All the best, Craig

mark woods

easyjet (or their handling agent) have misplaced my sisters luggage, when we reported it they gave us a number and a refrence to quote. the number however just rings and rings, i cannot find any other number for easyjet to try or even who their handling agents are for barcelona to enable me to contact them direct,

does anyone have any ideas ?/


Craig McGinty

Hi Mark, sorry to hear you have had problems with easyJet. I'm not sure what you will have already done but this cheat sheet that helps you get in touch with a "human" might help:


Other options could be to see if you can get any joy out of the easyjet Spanish site or see if anything can be tracked down on the Barcelona Airport site.

All the best, Craig


i want ot about your ownership, your main activity and departments in yor business if you can send me these for assiemnts i will be very great full 2 u can u send me this information as soos as possible pleaze

Martin Daniels


Dear "Andy"

Your name is in quotes because (a) I don't know you and (b) I doubt if you personally read these emails

This isn't feedback, this is a situation where if you or someone in easyjet doesn't help me, I will have to buy a fresh ticket

My original email address was *******. I changed it a few months ago to ******. Sure enough, flight notification announcements come through on that new email address.

But when inviting me to log on (eg check in, change flight, etc), your site persists in showing my old email number. When I enter the password (one has to try and humour your computer by accepting the old email address it has given) it tells me that email address is invalid. So it is giving me what it thinks is my email address, which it didn't use for emailing me and then telling me that the email address it is giving me is invalid. For goodness sake!

So I enter my new email address **** and my password and it says password is invalid. So I click on forgot password and re-enter my new email address and it tells me it will send me my password "in a few minutes". But is doesn't. 45 minutes have gone by

I try the forgot password routine with my old email address but it tells me that email address is not valid

So I register afresh, with same name, address, telephone number and mobile number but a whole new email address and a whole new password ***** and when I log on this works well enough for managing my bookings.

The trouble is that it tells me I have no bookings. That is because my bookings are under my old email address ****** for which it refuses to acknowledge what I know is my password or send it to me by email when clicking on forgot password

Of course, EJ believes all its customers should carry on communicating with it through its website and EJ doesn't answer the phone, except to play recorded messages at my expense.

So your company has left me in limbo

Doubtless, by the time you respond to this email it will be too late (it is to do with the flight next Tuesday, 18 Sep

I shouldn't have this hassle. It's your company that is messing up, not me


Martin Daniels

Daniele Medugno

I have not been able to leave Italy today to go to England but I will reach it in a few days. I am going to use the return flight with easyjet on sunday, though.

Is it a problem?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

David Spencer


I wish to locate EasyJets Customer Complaint Email Address.

My partner and I have just commenced our 5 week European backpacking holiday. We flew with EJ from Barcelona to Basel on the 13th May. Upon arrival we were advised that our bags had not arrived however Swissport confirmed that both bags were located at Barcelona and would arrive on the 14th. On the 14th we were returned to Swissport only to discover one backpack had arrived and my partners including everything we will need had not. We have contacted Swissport everyday and have been advised that it has not been located to date. I have asked what inquiries they have made and the staff there state they have telexed Barcelona "several" times with no response. Staff there have told us it is "unlikely" they will receive a response which I am extremely frustrated Basel until the bags can be located.
This is a basic overview of our situation.
Please respond asap via my email address

marion harte

i am booked to fly from gatwick to belfast int on friday 6th june returning on 15th june but i lost my details and i don't know what time my flight is at.can you please help me

Claude Weil

I have no comment. All I want is that yopu stop sending me your news bulletins. The proper channel does not work because I forgot my password. I asked you to remind me of it but received no email with my password. My email address is cweil@gmx.net. Again, plese stop to send me your news bulletins.

Craig McGinty

Hi Claude
I'm afraid I have no connection with easyJet so can't help you with cancelling the email newsletter. All I can suggest is that you go through the easyJet website itself.
All the best, Craig


To whom it may concern,
Dear Sir,

Iwould like to have your help.I was tried to change the flight and name online(booking refer. number:EDQTJT9,failed twice with name change by phone,they sent me on my email missed names twice.Also I,m alredy paid once for those changes and I won,t pay anymore.Would like to know how can I change the name from Mrs.Henriett Ferkes to Mrs Henriett Farkas without extra cost
Many thanks in advance.

Craig McGinty

Dear Dr.E.Palfi, I'm afraid that This French Life doesn't have any connection with easyJet and I can only suggest following some of the links mentioned in the article to see if they can help with your questions.
All the best, Craig

Joan Spence

I wanted to book a flight for August 2009 but your booking via the Internet only goe to March 2009. Is there a way that I can book this early please? I need to book early to secure a property in France. Why don't you let people book in France, Sky2 Airline do.

Not an idiot

Maybe you should put this "So if you have got a question or comment then email the easyJet boss at: andy@easyjet.com" in 32pt bold red at the top of the page so people can read it properly and stop leaving notes on here for EasyJet! LOL

irene laughlan

i have booked a flight with easyjet to london gatwick on sunday 22nd of march.i have missplaced my flight number and time of flying. please can you help

Craig McGinty

Hi Irene, I'm afraid I have no connection with easyJet and can only suggest you go through the airline's website to get your flight details.
Kind regards, Craig

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