Buying a French farm

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You want to become a farmer in France?

The International Information Point will inform you, advise you and guide you through every stage in your project of setting up as a farmer in France:

Nix Ogier


My husband and myself are in the process of buying a farm in the department of the Ariege, S.W. France and there's a working farmer on the land. When we went into negotiations he was just using the land for hay. Now he has put lots of cows on the land and fenced it all off. His contract has run out with the previous owner, but they have an unofficial agreement that he can still carry on using the land. We would like to renovate the house and live there. Do you know what rights he has and what restictions we have due to him working the land?


Craig McGinty

Hi Nix Ogier

Questions over the use of farmland are notoriously difficult and it will most probably be well worth getting legal advice.

I have written a small piece in the past, please see:

It really does need someone from a professional background.

All the best, Craig

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