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I totally agree that the riots are a symptom of a much wider malaise and distrust for neo-liberal style of politics that is trying to sneak in France's back door.

Steve T

France! The last remaining command economy in Europe. What a blinkin' joke with it's less than charming Kafka-esque bureacracy.

I thought that communism had finally gasped its' last but no it's oozing along the streets of Paris along with the dog poo!

Fifteenth in the IQ ratings of Europe! No surprise there then!


Steve, you are a good example of the average Brit IQ - not that bright and well below that of the Germans - funny that you fail to mention that. Also the average IQ in Paris, where the main political decisions are taken, is supposed to be much higher than in the rest of the country - from the same research.

By the way it's "its less than charming" not "it's" - do yourself a favour and buy a copy of Lynne Truss's book on punctuation: "Eats, Shoots and Leaves".

In fact France has extremely successful capitalist enterprises - it seems they even supply gas and water to many of us here in the UK, including Number 10. If only the UK had their success in car manufacture - can't be THAT stupid huh ?

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