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Mr B Watling

Does anybody know of an English speaking Notaire in the Cahors area or even another area within striking distance of Cahors please. We are considering moving back to the UK butg nobody offers any info on capital gains tax etc when selling property in France, everything is all about buying in France which we have alreadt done. Thanks Brian


Well, Paris may not be that close to Cahors, but you could at least give a call to the notaires we used. They helped friends of ours through a complicated transaction in the Rhone valley and were wonderful.

Chevreux Notaires can be reached by calling 01-44-90-14-14.

Remember, though, that the notaires act as agents of the French government. They will give you advice that is correct, but may not be the best in terms of tax avoidance. As in any country, there are all kinds of ways to legally do most things.

There are actually books that cover this subject. I don't have any here, but there is the Adapter Kit series, which has a volume on France, and at least one or two others.

Good luck!

Guillaume Barlet

Dear Brian,

I would be happy to help.

We are a solicitors practice in Cheltenham and we have good links with the Cahors region including notaires.

Moreover, Lynn is right and notaires are tax collectors but are probably not avoidable in your case.

I can assist you in this sale if you wish so.

You can contact me to have a chat about your fiscal situation.

Guillaume Barlet

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