Tips on using septic tanks in France

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Mrs L Buck

What personal products can be safely used with a fossee septique such as shower gel shampoo

Robin Goddard

Anew house is being built directly opposite our house across the road, on what was previously agricultural land, but received a Certificat d'Urbanisation..
The Fosse Septique for this property is approximately 10 metres from the road and the waste water will run into a ditch.
This ditch runs down hill so far and then the water goes under the road and into what was a cattle pond in our field the other side.
I need advice as to whether this is permissable. The builders tell me that the Assainissement authorities have visited the site and approved it, but were clearly not aware as to where the "sweey" water eventually went.
Any comments ??
Robin Goddard
Les Mias
16270. Nieuil.

Craig McGinty

Hi Robin, I think a visit to the Mairie may be necessary with clear details of the problem. I'm sure it is something that can be sorted amicably.
All the best, Craig


I'm having mindstorms trying to pay taxes(fonc and d'hab) on line. Various catches 22 seem to operate. Specifically; you can't pay the bill without the fiscal and avis numbers which appear on the bill. Therefore you need the bill to pay on line (eh?) Also, the impots website links appear not to work outside france. It seems thre's no alternative to snail mail at 55p a pop.


re my comment Taxes-Nowt to do with septic tanks


How will you know whether you have killed your tank?

Craig McGinty

Hi Val, there is usually a nasty smell coming back through the pipes, you might need professional advice to be completely sure. All the best, Craig

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