Chatting with Michael Wright

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I really enjoyed your podcast talking to Michael Wright. Hope there are more to follow!

Delyse Harrower

Having lived, briefly, in Limousin some years ago, this book strikes a chord. It is far superior to most of the rash of books that followed Mayle's Year in Provence, and I am enjoying it very much. It makes me laugh but is also very moving in places. Michael Wrights sympathy with the people and the area in which he lives are very obvious and the book strikes a very nice tone indeed.

Delyse Harrower

Addition to previous. Will there be a follow-up to C'est la Folie?

Craig McGinty

Hi Delyse, not sure if there is to be a follow up to C'est la Folie but if there is you can be sure I'll write it up on the site.
All the best, Craig

Darrell Halverson

I would like to email Michael Wright with some help finding a buyer for his neighbor's sheep. Does anyone have an email address for him?

Many thanks.

Darrell Halverson, MD

Craig McGinty

Hi Darrell

You can drop in on Michael's website at:

All the best

lynda adcock

a friend lent me c,est le folie to take as a holiday read what a co-incidence has we were touring france, lots and lots of michaels story came out through out our holiday, places we visited things that happened, builbs for the car, and do you dream in french, this was a question asked that was asked to the friend we were staying with one night whilst sitting outside drinking wine in limgose her answer was yes, she has lived in orthez for two years, we visit often and life is different so relazing, im waiting for michaels next book, take with me on a future visit.

Craig McGinty

Hi Lynda, great to hear you enjoyed reading C'est la Folie and I would imagine there will be quite a queue for his next book.
All the best, Craig


bonjour, I am french and I live in the south of france and I read c'est la folie last month and this book was the 1st one I read in english for a long time and I loved it ! living in the south of course is like living on the other side of the planet from le Limousin and It reminded me so much of myself when I came to UK as an aupair and ended it up in a pub with some french friends and we asked for a cup of tea ;in those years you just didn't ask for that kind of drinks and the man behind the bar said to us " I am going to ask the boss " and everybody in the tap room (yes !!!) laughed !!!anyway thank you Michael for such well described and true book , I love my country and I am so happy when someone enjoys the way of life and makes the efforts of integrating , like I did in the UK for 13 years !
claude chabrol ( a famous film director ) said " LE RETOUR A LA NORME ME PARAIT PLUS INQUIETANT QUE LA FOLIE "
au revoir I hope to hear from you !!!

Craig McGinty

Hi Yetou, glad you enjoyed reading C'est la Folie and it is high up on my list of favourite books about France.
Look out for a second book from Michael in the future.
All the best, Craig

delyse harrower

When I enquired about Michael Wright's follow-up book last year, I was told it would be available in Feb 2009, then later I was told April, last time I checked with Amazon it was |July, and today Amazon is quoting August for publication. Is this book ever coming out?

Craig McGinty

Hi Delyse, think you might have to cut Michael some slack because in the past year or so he has become a dad, twice.
All the best, Craig

Sylvia Bartram

What a joy to read. I haven't laughed so much in ages - humour without malice or sarcasm is very rare indeed!. Loved it so much, and can't wait till the babies are out of nappies and the next book comes out!. Thank you!

Craig McGinty

Hi Sylvia, glad you enjoyed the interview. Michael has definitely had an entertaining time in France, and like you I am looking forward to his next book.
All the best, Craig

John Urmston

Salut from an old member of the Tiger Club when it was at Redhill!. I also loved my vintage Puss Moth for visiting many french airfields, Sarlat Domme in particular. The french could say TG motte but Puss Moth defeated them. Nice asked me how many wings did I have....Sorry to rabit on, I loved you book, very well written. I am buying more copies for my extended family. You mention sitting behind a Merlin in a Spitfire .Done that but a Mosquito between two of the was mind blowing!!!

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