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Willow Wright

OK, I've clicked on agree, listening to podcasts in French would be very helpful, but I cannot find them. shows a list of links to other sites, but even when I click on Podcasts in French or French Language podcasts....I just get another list of links that have to do with learning french....but no actual podcasts in French. When I scroll down and get to other links, I end up back here at This French Life and your blog about how great French podcasts would around and around we go. Can anyone supply me with a URL that actually has links to actual podcasts in French?

Thanks so much. WCW

Craig McGinty

Hi Willow, I see what's happened there, the Podblaster site has closed since I wrote this article, I'll update it.

In the meantime there is a section on the site that draws together many of the French language resources I've written about in the past, please see:

All the best, Craig

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